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Client Information

Debbie Jameson, Clinical Psychologist, family therapy, individual counselling, couples counseling

  • All information shared during any psychological services is treated as confidential material.

  • Both verbal and written records about a client will not be released to another party without the written consent of the client or the client’s legal guardian.

  • The following are exceptions to the requirements of confidentiality:

    • When permitted by law

    • To protect the client or others from harm 

    • Abuse of children and vulnerable adults.


Should any of these situations occur, I will make every effort to discuss it fully with you before taking action.

Fees and Payment:

  • Fees may vary according to payment options

  • Payment options include:

    • cash rate payable at time of session

    • cash by electronic transfer

    • Medical Aid claims at the prescribed minimum benefit according to your scheme and on funds available

  • The client is primarily responsible for payment. 

  • Appointments may be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, failing which the full consultation fee will be charged.

  • I am more than willing to discuss any issues with regards payment.

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