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Online Psychotherapy / Counselling


We are constantly faced with various challenges in our daily lives.  Many of these difficulties we are able to overcome on our own.  Every so often though, we may feel overwhelmed and  need expert assistance and guidance through the process with the help of therapy.


Most of us are familiar with the face-to-face traditional therapy with a psychologist.  However, with the fast developing world of technology, many people are now turning to the internet in the form of online therapy in order to get help.


There was an increased demand for online psychotherapy in 2020, when coronavirus anxiety drove people to seek help without having to leave their homes and limited unnecessary social contact.  This resulted in a renewed interest in online services.


What is Online Psychotherapy?

  • Online therapy is an alternative to face-to-face therapy, whereby professional mental health services are provided by a psychologist through the use of the internet

  • It is done mostly though video-calling platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet


The advantages of Online Psychotherapy

  • Convenience and flexibility: it provides a more accessible option for those who may lead busy lives.  If you are attending therapy sessions online in your own home, you can often schedule sessions for times that are most convenient for you.

  • Mobility or transport difficulties: those individuals who are unable to leave their home for various reasons, such as physical or mental illness, or those who have difficulty with transport may benefit from online therapy

  • Accessibility: the internet makes mental health information more accessible.  Whilst some people may feel comfortable discussing physical health care issues with friends and family, they may not feel the same talking about mental health issues

  • Remoteness:  those who live in geographical areas where mental health treatment may be limited such as remote rural areas or foreign countries gives these individuals access to treatment they may not have otherwise


If you’re already attending therapy, you may want to ask your psychologist about any online treatment options. 


How do I make an appointment?

  • Please contact the following for general enquiries or to book an appointment:

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