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I offer psychological services aimed assisting clients deal with life challenges and to enhance personal functioning, including assessment, diagnoses and psychotherapy (counselling). 

My Approach/Orientation

I use an eclectic approach, drawing from a number of theories, which may vary according to the client’s individual needs, including:  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT); Psychodynamic (TLDP – Time Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy); Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Narrative Therapy.


​My approach for understanding couples in distress is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), which helps couples identify stuck patterns of interaction and focuses on promoting more positive emotional responses. 

I consider psychotherapy to be holistic in nature, which takes into account the whole person including their emotional, spiritual and physical environments.

Debbie Jameson, Clinical Psychologist in Kloof
Psychological Assessment:
  • Selected assessments will be used to gain a holistic picture of the individual’s cognitive, behavioural and emotional functioning and to aid diagnosis and psychotherapy

  • A report may be requested and will be discussed during a feedback session


  • Psychotherapy helps clients identify problems and crises and encourages them to take positive steps to resolve these issues

  • The aim of psychotherapy is personal growth and development

  • I offer psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families on a broad range of issues

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